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Auto collect item and Auto atack..

posted Aug 04, 2011 11:03:08 by NurulSyazwani
Did this RO have Auto collect item and Auto attack system? It mean just click the word at keyboard then it auto collect and didn't to has click to the item drop and when just click once at monster it will auto attack don't like click it many times with mouse.. Any one how to make it?
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Limrriey said Aug 05, 2011 00:28:15
Yes, of course it has.

For Auto Attacking you can key in the command /nc
For Auto Collect/Pickup you can use the command @autoloot ( You can set for percentage of collecting as well. Example: @autoloot 60 for collect below 60% dropped items.)

For others command, you can refer to this link

I hope this help you. :)
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NurulSyazwani said Aug 05, 2011 23:35:45
thx =)
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